Deep neckline theory

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You must have encountered problems of the shoulder of the dress slipping or falling off.  This happens when both necklines are deep and there is no support. To avoid this we need to make some adjustments in the shoulder measurement and this class explains the changes to be done in your pattern. 

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Q : Hi Savi, can this neckline theory be applied to blouse.? Recently I stiched katori blouse as per ur teaching.....there is only problem with shoulder is falling off of that blouse.. - Sampada karmarkar (1 month ago)
A :


Deep neckline theory can be applied for kurits/dresses, for saree blouse it is slightly different.  Kindly post your concern about the blouse  in the Q & A below the katori blouse class, will sure clarify.

Q : I reduced 1/2 inch from half shoulder mam. - karthiba (9 months ago)
A :

Then you may take 3/4" from midpoint to draw the front armhole curve. 

Q : For kurti if shoulder is 61/4 or 61/2,should v have to draw 1/4 or 1/2 " inwards in half front armhole curve? My front and back neck 6" and 3" respectively - karthiba (9 months ago)
A :

How much have you reduced from your half shoulder measurement ?

Q : Hi savi .. Can this deepneck theory be applied to sleeveless kurtis as explained in the video ? Or some modifications is needed? TIA - Diya (1 year ago)
A :


Yes, it can be applied for sleeveless Kurtis too.  Also you may please refer to our class on "Sleeveless yoke kurti". 

Q : Thank you mam.... - Subarnalatha (1 year ago)
A :

You are welcome. 

Q : Hi mam, in deep neckline theory, why do we move the armhole line when we go on deep for backneckline... What is the difference... Pls explain - Subarnalatha (1 year ago)
A :


When doing deep necklines at back and front, the garment will not have much support at the shoulder and will expand and that is the reason the shoulder is reduced. The armhole is adjusted because as you bring the armround line inwards due to lesser shoulder slope, the line length increase. So we move it slightly up.

Q : hi mam, when we take back neck deep as 6 inch, back arm hole goes deep inside than front arm hole. then what would be the sleeve patttern??? thanksnin advance - Shilpika Karnala (1 year ago)
A :


Sorry did not clearly understand your query. When you reduce the shoulder in lieu of deep neckline, it is done for both front and back. 

Q : hi savi , i have dress with has 8.5" deep front neck, 10.5" deep back neck & near shoulder it is 2". is deep neck theory applicable. i am stuck here. is deep neck use only for blouse?please clear my question. i am trying to understand . thanks a lot. - Aruna (1 year ago)
A :

Hi, Our free tutorial on 'Deep neckline theory' may be applied for Kurtis/dresses when both necklines are deep. For saree blouses we have explained in the First class of the saree blouse course that is Class1-Choli blouse. 

Q : hi savi, i am very happy to find u. ur teaching is excellent.i have question if back neck is deeper than front ho w do i use deep neckline theory. thanks - Aruna (1 year ago)
A :

Hi, thanks for your appreciative words. 

This deep neckline theory is applicable when both the necklines are deep.  If your front neckline is normal depth and back is high, then you don't need to apply this theory, but as the back neck deepens for every 1" depth you may reduce 1/4" from the 1/2 shoulder measurement.  


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