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In this class, we have shown how to make salwar pants in an easy way. We have tried to  show cutting and sewing in simplest way possible.

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Q : Hi mam is it possible to stitch salwar pant with 36 width fabric for hip size 53...if yes how mam - Priya (2 months ago)
A :

You can but to get enough pleats join fabric.

Q : Hi, I would like to know for the belt part of the salwar if we take two pieces of 22 / 9 inches of cloth then in that case should we join at the back to make it a single piece or cut on the sides and stitch and make a single part ? - Meera Chandrashekhar (2 years ago)
A :

You may join at the back or in the sides or if you have enough fabric, you may cut one long piece. 

Q : Will you be loading a video soon for pants that are not too loose like salwar and not too tight like churidar. Also they should have elastic at the waist. - Mythreyi (2 years ago)
A :

We are working on pants course. 

Q : Good Day Ma' there any tutorial for makin plazo pant straight or flared. - Ria (3 years ago)
A :

Very good day to you. 

We are yet to make a detailed course on bottom wear. 

Q : Good Day Ma' second question is if I have to make salwar pant for say waist round 44+2+2=48 then the width of the cloth remains from where to where I need to add extra fabri - Ria (3 years ago)
A :

Very good day. 

The extra fabric would be needed from waist to crotch which can be taken from the extra fabric near the ankle. 

Q : How do I cut for the long skirts instead of salwar. Do you have lessons for that? I have a picture attached. - Lalitha (3 years ago)
A :


Have you enrolled for our Circular skirts class

This teaches making full, 3/4th, half and quarter circle skirts. You can make a half circle skirt to wear with a Kurti. 

Q : How to take pant measurement from body mam? Pls tell me - Ezhil (4 years ago)
A :

Are you referring to the salwar pants? You may please refer to our free class on churidar pants where we have shown taking measurements on body. 

Q : Dear mam, Can I take 4 inches instead of 2 for drawing the crotch.I feel like two inches crotch can be a little uncomfortable to wear. - Shadow (4 years ago)
A :


Yes, you can. For small to medium sizes 2 - 2.5" should be enough. 

Q : Madam, I have to stich a salwar with single pleat at both sides of back part of crotch and gathering (similar gathering in front of yoke kurthi you have taught) at both sides of the front crotch.Kindly guide me the procedure of drafting and stitching - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :


Drafting would be same as we have shown in the salwar pants free tutorial. With the excess fabric, you can do gathers or pleats as you wish. 

Q : Madam. I have to stitch a salwar for a (9 month carrying) pregnant women. I request you to guide me in drafting the pattern. Is the crotch and waist band remains the same as explained in this class? - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :

Keep more ease on waist band also increase the length of the waistband by 1 - 2".  The crotch can also be increase by 1 -2", it does not matter as it is a loose fitted pant. 

Q : I am trying to make salwar for a lady whose hip round is 51". The salwaar cloth form the dress material is less . any work around for the same? - Shilpa (5 years ago)
A :

What is the length of the pants and what is the fabric available?  Normally the pant fabric that comes with the salwar kameez set is not enough for big sized women. In that case similar some other fabric is used for salwar waistband or the fabric left over from the kameez is used for waistband. 

Q : Madam, While wearing this salwar stitched by me, the output is ok while wearing. But when I start walking/moving----- the salwar at ankle bottom hemline ---- one end of both sides goes up. Kindly guide me in rectifying my mistake I am doing. - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :

This can happen if the room  on hip or thighs is not sufficient. 

Q : Hi, How do we decide how much material is required for a normal salwar and kurti? - asha (5 years ago)
A :


Measure the length that you need, add 2 - 3" seam allowance and multiply it by 2 [for back and front]. That would be the fabric requirement for Kurti and pants. 


Q : Madam, This draft gives loose fitting.Kindly guide me , adjustments to be drafted for mediium and slim fit. - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :

This class shows a medium fit. If you slightly reduce the pleats you can get slim fit but salwars are not supposed to be slim fit.   If you give more pleats you may do loose fit. 


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25-07-2019 Pavani

Easy to understand ur tutorial, I did kurti after I watched ur tuto8from YouTube. I knew how to make saree blouses but I can't make for others b/c I don't learn proper way. Now I joined two of your class to leared how to make for others(my mom), thanks for ur free tutorial too

25-07-2018 asha

Hi Savi, I am new to your classes but really enjoying and getting motivated after every class. I need to mention that your classes are very elaborative and simple for all levels. Please keep going and wish you very best, Hope will join all your tutorials soon. Thanks a lot and god bless. Asha

03-09-2017 mcnalini

HI Savi, I m very happy and glad that i joined ur course ,the way u teach is very simple and easily understandable.Its quite interesting and professional.Wish to join many more....Thanks a lot...Very proud of u ,Nalini Dorai