Body sloper (armhole explanation)

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This class gives further explanation about the armhole.

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Q : Armhole explanation video 6 of beginners is Missing - Aayushi (1 year ago)
A :

Do not see anything missing in the video. 

Q : Hi mam, I need one clarification, we do chest line adjustment to get armhole measurement while drafting body sloping. Should we do the same while drafting sleeves to get the proper armhole measurement? If yes how to adjust. Please let me know Thanks n regards. Suprabha. - Suprabha (3 years ago)
A :


After drafting the sleeves pattern, measure the front and back curves and see if it matches with the body pattern. If less/more - increase/decrease the ease and redraw the curves of the sleeves. 

Q : Hi. My arm hole measurement is less than actual. Im unsure how to adjust check line and where to start. Thanks and love your tutorial - isvariya (3 years ago)
A :

Thank you. 

What is your actual armhole measurement? What is the measurement you get when you measure the front and back curves on the pattern?

Q : Mam how we can take the cap height of children's - Suman (3 years ago)
A :

The distance from shoulder edge to the biceps or armround. 

Q : You explain that in case bust point is out of the line, then ease require to increase .same ease require to reduce from back. With this entire measurement will be the same what we have drwan first ..then how the bust fitting is ok is not understood. - Snehal (4 years ago)
A :

This would work with darts garment. 

Q : Do you take regular classes for single garment like sari blouse - Suma Shivashankar (4 years ago)
A :


Now we do not conduct regular classes. 

Q : Hello savi mam, i have query regarding stitch line,when we actually attach sleeves on armhole and put fitting stitch from sleeves till arhole measurement is 19 and my armround measurent is cap height is 4 and sleeves open is 14,when i keep sleeves length 5. But when i attach sleeves and put fitting stitch from sleeve open through chest ,the point from chest fitting and sleeves open are not in straight line,its little digonal.please give guidance on this mam.i faced this problem lot of time. - Asawari (5 years ago)
A :


Can you please upload an image of the issue you are explaining?

Q : Thank you mam for the explanation - Subarnalatha (5 years ago)
A :

You are welcome. 

Q : Hi mam, why do we apply armround measurement instead of armhole measurement in both body sloper and sleeves... Kindly explain. - Subarnalatha (5 years ago)
A :


If you apply armhole measurement when drafting the pattern, after you draw the curve it would be too big.  Instead when you apply armround measurement and then when you draw the curves, it will give you your armhole curve measurement.  

Q : Q : I am getting 2 inch extra arm hole. I have applies the deep neckline pattern (back neck 10) so the chest line has already been shifted upward. How much I shift the chest line near the shoulder line maximum. - SHREERAM PANDEY (5 years ago)
A :


If you are getting extra in the armhole [after body armhole measurement plus ease] you would need to shift the chest line further up. Each body type is different and each pattern the changes could be different. You may shift the chest line till your get your armhole measurement plus ease given on the chest line. 

Q : For these measurements, I am getting arm hole 9.5 inches on body pattern and on sleeve pattern, m getting arm hole as 8.15. Allowance given is 1 inch on both the pattern. Now what should I do to match both the arm holes exactly? - Sarika (5 years ago)
A :

As the body pattern armhole is more, first correct it by shifting the chest line up and redrawing the curve till you get your bpdy armhole measurement and then correct the sleeves to match with the body pattern armhole by increasing or decreasing the ease and redrawing the curves. 

Q : I am getting half each extra arm hole. Also, I have applied the deep neckline pattern ( back neck 7) so the chest line has already been shifted upward. And on this new line , m getting half inch extra arm hole.. So still I have to shift it to upward?? Also, should we draw the back arm hole again on new chest line??? - Sarika (5 years ago)
A :

The Chest line needs to be shifted up for both front and back. 1/4" to 1/2" excess does not matter much. However if you wish to make it exact, you may further shift.  Yes the armhole curves need to be redrawn for both front and back. 


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