Cord piping to "U" neckline

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In this class, we have shown finishing a neckline with cord piping method in a neat, easy and professional way. We have tried to explain in the simplest way possible so that even beginners can get a good finish.

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Cord piping to "U" neckline 00:10:39

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Q : Hi Savita, Thanks for your very informative tutorials. They are really helpful. I am making my first kurti and I am using a corded neckline. I connected the shoulders and then sewed the piping in one length. The problem is that I do not know how to join the 2 ends of the piping? Similar to Navya's question. If you could help to clarify I would really appreciate that! Thanks. - Fiona (5 years ago)
A :

Hi, thank you. 

It is a little difficult to explain in a message but will try. You may start at the back centre and when you reach there again overlap the piping one over the other [it kind of gives a V shape] or you could do piping only for the front neckline and finish the back with a bias strip. 

Q : Hi. Awesome explanation. Thanks a ton. How to finish the cord edges on the shoulder dear. The ends. Could you please help me out on the same. Thanks in advance! - Navya (6 years ago)
A :


You are welcome. If finishing the front and back with cord piping you would need to connect the front and back at shoulders and then do cord piping in one go.  Will try to show in one of the videos. 


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Ms. Savitha has been conducting classes in Pattern making and sewing since the year 2010. She started with her Online classes to reach out to more students. Her words, "I love sewing and teaching and I have been lucky to be able to make my passion, my profession. I try my best to simplify things and teach in a simple and easy way so that even beginners in pattern making and sewing are able to learn from our online classes and make their garments with professional finish".


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17-10-2016 Sudha

Hi mam, Where I can get the piping cord in Bangalore. Do we get in online ? Or in shops ?

30-01-2017 Niveditha

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