How to use Embroidery Spring Needle & water soluble stabilizer

Instructor : Savitha
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In this class learn to use Schmetz Embroidery Spring Needle to do free motion embroidery/stitching with a frame on your home sewing machine. We have also briefly shown the use of Water Soluble Stabilizer. In the previous class we have shown different size universal needles, stretch, jersey needles and in the next few classes see how to use some special needles.

We try to teach in an easy way using simple and professional methods so that even beginners can easily understand our classes. 

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Q : I want to buy one how can I buy this spring Needle? - Uzma (1 year ago)
A :

The Spring needle isn't in supply anymore. 

Q : Can we use this needle normal juki machine - Nirmalakambaiah (5 years ago)
A :

The spring needle can be used with any electric home sewing machines [table top].

It is not meant for commercial/home pedal machines or industrial machines. 


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Ms. Savitha has been conducting classes in Pattern making and sewing since the year 2010. She started with her Online classes to reach out to more students. Her words, "I love sewing and teaching and I have been lucky to be able to make my passion, my profession. I try my best to simplify things and teach in a simple and easy way so that even beginners in pattern making and sewing are able to learn from our online classes and make their garments with professional finish".