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Class 4 - Womens Formal Pants

Instructor : Savitha
Skill Level : INTERMEDIATE 01:55:00
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PREREQUISITE - Womens Pants Class 1 - Foundation

Please watch Class 1 - Pants Foundation before watching this class as this is a continuation class and we will be using the pattern we created in Class1. 

In this class you will learn what changes to make to the pattern for Women's Formal Pants. You will learn waistband, belt loops, Front fly zipper, slant pockets in the front and Welt pockets at the back.   We will start with the changes in the pattern, then move on to laying and cutting the fabric and sewing the pants step by step.

You may practice making welt pockets on scrap fabric before making on the actual pants. Till you get the welt pockets right, you may make your formal pants without the back, pockets. 

The lessons are as per the measurements taken here. You would need to apply your measurements while drafting the pattern. We have divided the class into different parts so that it is easier for you to refer to any part whenever needed. 

If any questions about the class, please type in the Q & A tab below the video and we will try to reply within 24 - 48 business hours [2-3 business days]. For this class, the Q & A will be kept open for 6 months from the date of enrollment. 

We suggest you make your own notes as you watch the class. That would help you learn better and also would help in future reference. 

Class details

Part 1 - Materials needed 00:02:29
Part 2 - Welt Pocket Drafting 00:09:34
Part 3 - Drafting the Front Slant Pocket 00:08:11
Part 4 - Drafting the Zip fly pattern 00:05:56
Part 5 - Waistband Pattern 00:02:34
Part 6 - Main fabric cutting 00:08:28
Part 7 - Pocket Fabric cutting 00:01:36
Part 8 - Marking Welt pockets on fabric 00:02:39
Part 9 - Cutting the Interfacing 00:04:10
Part 10 - Ironing Fusible interfacing and Overlock 00:03:15
Part 11 - Steam Ironing the Center Crease 00:03:20
Part 12 - Sewing the Front Pockets 00:08:12
Part 13 - Sewing Fly zipper 00:10:21
Part 14 - Sewing Welt Pockets 00:17:24
Part 15 - Sewing sides and Crotch seams 00:05:12
Part 16 - Attaching Waistband 00:19:31
Part 17 - Sewing Belt loops 00:00:58
Part - 18 Sewing the bottom hem and completion 00:01:10


1] How do I take this class?

Click on 'ENROL'  OR 'ADD TO CART' below the video. You would need to SIGN UP/LOGIN if you have not yet done. Then 'CHECKOUT' and select the payment method. Give your payment details and once the payment is successful, the class would be visible under your 'MY COURSES' tab. 

2] Before taking this class, what are the pre-requisites?

Before taking this class, you need to have learnt from "Womens Pants Foundation Class1" as this is a continuation class.

3] I have paid for the class, now how do I view it?

Login and click on 'My courses' on top. That will show all your enrolled classes. Click on the class you wish to learn from.

4] How do I ask questions if I need any clarification regarding the class?

Click on the Q & A tab below the video, type in your question and submit. We will reply at the earliest. When you receive the reply you will get a notification alert and the reply will be below your question under the respective class. Please seek clarifications related to a class within 3 months. 

5] What is the validity of this class?

The validity of the class is 1825 days that is approximately 5 years from the date of enrolment. You will be able to view the class any number of times, any time of the day and on any suitable device, within this validity. 

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Ms. Savitha has been conducting classes in Pattern making and sewing since the year 2010. She started with her Online classes to reach out to more students. Her words, "I love sewing and teaching and I have been lucky to be able to make my passion, my profession. I try my best to simplify things and teach in a simple and easy way so that even beginners in pattern making and sewing are able to learn from our online classes and make their garments with professional finish".


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