How to make Churidar pants

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In this class learn to make Churidar pants, which is also referred to as Push up pants. This is a fitted pant which shows the contours of the leg and has gathers at the ankle.  It is usually cut in bias fabric for comfort of wearing. 

This class will teach taking body measurements, theory explanation, marking and cutting the fabric, Sewing the pants and completion. 

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How to make Churidar pants - Part 2 00:08:27
How to make Churidar pants - Part 3 00:11:03
How to make Churidar pants - Part 4 00:09:37
How to make Churidar pants - Part 5 00:00:50

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Q : mam,pls teach doti pant..unless u teach i can never make one...pls update all new dresses mam..god has given us u..u are not posting more.. - Muthu (2 years ago)
A :

Sure will do.  Thanks for your kind words. 

Q : Hi mam, could u pls tell me how to reduce the length of the pant after stitching? - Ezhil (2 years ago)
A :


If the gathers at the ankle are more in Churidar pants, you may cut off the excess at the lower hem. 

Q : Hi Savi Mam, can I use the same measurements to make a cigarette pant? - Soniya (3 years ago)
A :

There are some changes for other pants which we will soon teach  in our Pants course. 

Q : Mam, can you put tutorial for this pant? - Sivakani (3 years ago)
A :

Sure, we are working on the pants course. 

Q : How much meter of cloth required - Durga (3 years ago)
A :

You can make with 2 - 2.5mtrs. This is mentioned in the video. 

Q : Not able to see part 1and how you measured crotch? - Manasa Senthil (4 years ago)
A :

The link for the class is given below which includes all the parts

Q : Dear Mam, can we take ease in knee round and ankle round? - Shadow (5 years ago)
A :

Yes you can. If the fabric is stiff or thick, take more ease and if fabric is soft, you may take lesser ease. If it is loose you can always alter it later also. 

Q : Video Timed 03:11 ---At crotch length 3” is added to 9”. Kindly explain me, the reason to add 3” for a 9” crotch length - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :

3" is added for ease as keeping exact crotch length would not be comfortable. 

Q : Here, you are taking croach measurement but for salwar we take 8 as standard. Why is it so? - Sarika (5 years ago)
A :

Salwar is a loose fitting pant and the crotch will anyways be low, so its fine to take standard measurement but for fitted pants you need to take the crotch measurement. 

Q : wat is the min req of fabric for this pant - Prabha (5 years ago)
A :

Double the length of the pants, approximately 2mtrs. 

Q : Madam, As per Part 3 timed 3.00--- at knee line the ease is 1” or more (+ ¼ Knee round). Kindly guide me the maximum permitted ease at knee line - S S RAJESWARI (5 years ago)
A :

Soft or thick fabric, minimum it is good to keep 2" at thigh round but you may keep more like a maximum of 3.5 - 4".  Minimum of 1" ease at the knee round but for soft fabrics it could be reduced to 1/2" and Maximum could depending on the looseness you prefer but when you draw the curve from thigh the line should not go outwards.


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11-04-2018 Gayathri Srinivasan

Thank you for your simplified and clear explanations Savita. May I seek your help to draft pattern for the chudidhar pants but a different way in which the pant has attachment at the crotch area in a triangle shape instead of this plain single fabric pattern

19-06-2018 Selva


30-11-2016 Radha